Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bring Vintage Fashion to the Beach with Pocket Tank Tops

Pocket tank tops were initially popular with men and women everywhere during the 80's, they were usually worn during the Summer seasons for a cute look. The pocket, usually found in the top left side of the tank top was often a contrasting color to the top itself which really made for a different and funky appearance.

Well there's good news for all you fashionistas out there who love everything vintage, pocket tank tops are making a huge comeback as a classic fashion piece must have this year and beyond.

Make a Statement with Neon Pocket Tank Tops

As the days are getting longer and the warmer months are quickly approaching, this look is set to be ultra hot this Summer amongst beach goers. Neon pocket tank tops look really cool during the warm weather and many people are opting for these rather than traditional colors.

Men can wear them with shorts during those warm Summer days, if it's a little cooler perhaps at night time during a BBQ - they would look just as good with some pants.

Women have even more options with how to wear their pocket tank tops, I happen to think they look really good worn a little baggy, tucked into a pair of denim shorts and with a cute pair of wedges. Equally, they can look just as good with a skirt or some skinny jeans.

If it's a little chilly, they look amazing underneath a cardigan or light jacket. Accessorizing with the piece really brings out it's vibrancy, a chunky necklace that is the same color as the pocket on the top would look amazing.

Tank tops with pockets do not have to just be worn on the beach. they can be worn shopping, on a day out or even casually around the home. No vacation suitcase is complete without some pocket tank tops, they look particularly great with your bathing suit showing from underneath.

The fact that these tank tops do not usually have a design on them apart from the pocket makes them really versatile meaning you can put your unique stamp on the look based on how you choose to wear them. They are simple, so they are not going to break the bank balance and you can wear them again and again.

Your wardrobe will not be complete this Spring and Summer without a small selection of pocket tank tops, they look great and can be styled with pretty much anything to get the look that you are going for. The fact that these items can be worn by men and women means that you can co-ordinate with your beau, you will be guaranteed to be the trendiest couple at the beach and all eyes will be on you for the right reasons.

Do not delay, these items are going to sell out quickly so buy some now so that you can be prepared when the warm weather hits. Tank tops are casual and light, the pocket detail gives them a little bit of something extra and will make you stand out amongst your friends.

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