Friday, June 10, 2016

3 Mailing Machines That Offer The Greatest Momentum for Mailrooms

It goes without saying that almost all small and medium-sized businesses are looking for an efficient and cost-effective mailing solution. As a result, it is important to go for the mailing machines from highly reputable companies that offer high-tech mailing machines.

Neopost IN-600 HF Mailing Machine
The Neopost IN-600 HF is a simple yet sophisticated
mailing machine that offers incredible ROI.
Furthermore, it is every firm`s desire to use a mailing machine that can keep up with the current Internet-enabled world. Though there are dozens of mailing machines models, it is imperative to consider that device that offers quality services and gives value to your money in the long run. This review is intended to give you an idea of three top-rated mailing machines that offer the greatest momentum of business mailrooms.

Neopost IN-600 HF Mailing Machine

The Neopost IN-600 HF mailing machine is one of the leading mailing machines on the market today. It is an efficient and reliable mailing machine that has the versatility that fits any office. Any versatile office or business will always rely on a machine that can be able to get the job done fast and efficiently. This machine comes with a modern-day design, bold edges, and aluminum accents.

Top features of the Neopost IN-600 HF mailing machine include:
  • It has a processing speed of up to 75 letters per minute; hence, it is very suitable for use in a busy office.
  • It comes with a multi-level user access security system that ensures optimal security to all users.
  • It can handle a wide array of materials with the principal ones being postcards, small boxes, and letters.
  • It has six print mode options including a text only option.
  • IN-600 HF Mailing machine can be connected with high-speed internet, iMeter PC link, and Analog Phone.
You can find this mailing machine, along with other Neopost postage meters for sale, at, an industry-leader in mailing systems for businesses.

Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2 Postage Meter

Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2 Postage Meter
For high-output mailing operations looking to grow your business, the Mailstation 2 postage meter from Pitney Bowes is the most convenient solution. It is a versatile system that can handle all your mailing needs such as receiving, mailing, and shipping. Furthermore, it is an easy-to-use digital mailing system that is designed to fit your home office or business.

Top features of Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2 postage meter include:
  • It can print exact postage every time on postcards, parcels, and letters.
  • It is built in scale hence no wasteful over-stamping.
  • You can get more postage anytime, and you can refill your postage meter online.
  • You can manage your postage costs directly on the meter.
  • It allows you to download new postal rates instantly.
  • The Mailstation 2 allows you to put your logo on the envelope hence, promoting your business.
  • It offers free envelope message.
  • It gives you access to postage meter discounts.

CentorMail MAX Mailing Machine

For larger offices and businesses mailing thousands of pieces per month, CentorMail MAX mailing machine from FP Solutions is the best option that process mail vertically. It is the only system in its class with a considerable versatility with great speed, reliability, and unparalleled flexibility.
CentorMail MAX Mailing Machine

Top features of CentorMail MAX Mailing Machine include:
  • It can process up to 150 letters per minute.
  • It uses high technology and can process mail vertically.
  • It allows for a fully-automated feed.
  • It offers up to 300 departmental accounts.


If you intend to leverage a reliable and efficient mailing system, consider the above top-notch business mailing system machines since they are designed to offer quality mailing solutions. Therefore, when you go shopping for a mailing machine, always consider quality.

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