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What are the Healthiest, No-Sugar Protein Powders to Look for?

Drinking no-sugar protein powder

Ever found yourself standing in the health aisle, overwhelmed by rows of protein powders? You're not alone. With the rise of specialized diets and wellness plans, finding a suitable supplement can feel like navigating an intricate maze.

Sugar-free protein powder has been stealing the limelight lately - but why? Whether you’re following a ketogenic diet, managing diabetes, or simply aiming to cut out sugar – this is your go-to guide. But remember: not all sugar-free powders are created equal.

We'll dive into popular non-sugar sweeteners used in these products, exploring their potential impact on insulin levels and blood sugar spikes. Then we’ll spotlight some top-notch types that are ideal for avoiding such spikes.

Rising Demand for Zero Sugar Protein Powders

The surge in demand for sugar-free protein powders is hard to ignore. More and more people are turning towards these products, seeking a healthier lifestyle or needing to accommodate specific dietary needs. 

From athletes aiming to optimize their performance, individuals on ketogenic diets trying to maintain low-carb intake, diabetics controlling their blood sugar levels, or simply health-conscious folks wishing to cut down on sugar - the reasons vary but the goal remains constant: achieve nutritional balance without unnecessary sugars.

Sugar is no longer a welcomed ingredient in today's health-conscious society. There's growing awareness about the dangers of excessive sugar consumption, and sugar's links with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and more have made headlines worldwide. This rising health consciousness plays a big part in fueling this shift towards sugar-free alternatives like protein powders.

But it's not just about avoiding risks associated with a high-sugar diet; there’s also recognition of benefits that come along when you swap out those sugars from your protein shake. Less calorie-dense shakes can help support weight management goals while still providing the necessary nutrients our bodies need after rigorous workouts or during busy days.

The Appeal Of Going Sugar-Free In Your Protein Powder

drinking sugar-free protein powder drink

Making the switch from regular to no-sugar protein powder doesn't mean compromising taste either. With advancements in food science technology today there are numerous sweetening agents available which offer similar sweetness without adding calories or causing insulin spikes like traditional sugars do.

For many fitness enthusiasts looking for muscle recovery post-workout without sabotaging their gains by over-consuming carbs (especially simple ones), opting for a sugar-free protein powder is an easy decision. These powders provide essential amino acids for muscle repair and growth, minus the extra sugars that might interfere with their lean physique goals.

But this isn't a trend limited to those hitting the gym. People following special diets, like paleo, are also hopping on board.

Non-Sugar Sweeteners to Be Aware Of

Sugar-free protein powders often use a variety of non-sugar sweeteners. According to this review, not all sugar-free, calorie-free sweeteners are created equally, and some may still cause a blood sugar spike, among other health concerns.

  • Stevia: Stevia, derived from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant, is known for its intense sweetness without the calories or sugar. It's safe for those with diabetes or on low-carb diets.

  • Monk Fruit Extract: The monk fruit extract, another zero-calorie natural sweetener like stevia, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Like stevia, many deem monk fruit extract safe as it does not spike blood sugar.

  • Sucralose: A synthetic option is sucralose, known under the brand name Splenda®, this sweetener does not get metabolized by our bodies but can sometimes leave an artificial taste behind.

  • Erythritol: Erythritol, a sugar alcohol commonly found in fruits and fermented foods, is almost as sweet as sugar but has fewer calories. Though usually well-tolerated, excessive consumption of erythritol and other sugar alcohols may cause digestive problems as well as a blood sugar spike

  • Saccharin: Saccharin, a long-time artificial sweetener option, is much sweeter than ordinary table sugar - up to 700 times as potent. Though its safety was once questioned due to early animal studies linking it to bladder cancer, subsequent research found no clear evidence for this link in humans.

  • Xylitol: A common ingredient in dental products and chewing gum, xylitol is a sugar alcohol that can have a sweet taste. It is often used as a sugar substitute in sugar-free protein powders. But like most sugar alcohols that end in “ol”, it often triggers elevated blood sugar levels.

Healthiest Types of Sugar-Free Protein Powder

If you're seeking to keep your insulin resistance in check and dodge sudden blood sugar rises, certain types of protein powders can provide the help you require. Remember, not all protein powders are the same; here we will discuss five different types that have been shown to help manage insulin levels. Here we will discuss five different types that have proven effective in managing insulin levels.

Pea Protein

Pea protein, derived from yellow split peas, is a great plant-based option for those following vegan or vegetarian diets. Its low glycemic index means it won't spike your blood sugar levels while providing essential amino acids needed for muscle growth and recovery.

Egg White Protein

A popular choice among fitness enthusiasts is egg white protein powder. Egg whites are high in quality proteins but low in carbohydrates which makes them ideal for individuals trying to control their blood glucose levels.

Rice Protein

Brown rice has long been considered a healthy food choice due to its fiber content. The same benefits apply when it's processed into rice protein powder. It offers both slow-digesting carbs and high-quality proteins, making it an excellent pick if you're watching your sugar intake.

Whey Protein

An animal-derived option with a multitude of health benefits is whey protein - specifically whey isolate, which removes most sugars during processing. This form has shown potential to help regulate blood glucose levels, particularly post-exercise. For more details on the science behind it, check out this research.

Hemp Protein

Wrapping up, hemp protein powder is a stellar source of vital fatty acids and fiber. Both play crucial roles in regulating blood sugar levels. Although it's not as popular as other alternatives, don't underestimate its potential.

Lastly, the fewer ingredients the better when seeking the healthiest form of protein powder. For instance, unflavored protein powder typically does not contain any added flavoring or sweetening agents, so it tends to lack as many sketchy ingredients compared to flavored alternatives.


Decoding the world of sugar-free protein powder isn't as daunting as it first appears.

You've discovered why this supplement is gaining popularity - from managing diabetes to following a ketogenic diet, or just for those wanting less sugar.

You now know that not all sweeteners are created equal and can discern between options like stevia, monk fruit extract, sucralose, and others. This knowledge lets you choose wisely to avoid unwanted insulin spikes.

Armed with insights on proteins like pea, egg white, rice, or hemp - you're set to pick the right sugar-free protein powder for your needs.

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Best Entry-level Triathlon Bikes for Beginners


Entry Level TT Triathlon Bike Felt B 2021

This post was originally published at BetterTriathlete.com

Let's be real. For many of us, the cost of buying a triathlon bike is not far from a full month's income. While finding a used bike can be an economical option, new bikes can easily average $4,000-5,000+. Fortunately, there are several high-end tri bikes that come with more affordable price tags. Here's a handful of them.

Felt B Triathlon Bike

Best Entry Level TT Triathlon Bike Felt B 2021

Bikes like the Felt S32, B16, and B12 were among some of the original legends of the late 2000s. The B marque has long graced the entry-level model in Felt’s range of triathlon bikes, and at price ranges well under $3k (some even less than $2k).

Fast-forward to today and Felt is still producing bikes based on this legacy series, now simply known as "B". It's been updated in recent years to feature a full carbon frame set with aero shaping gleaned from the brand’s top-of-the-line and six-time Kona-winning IA collection.

Featuring classic rim brakes and a Shimano Ultegra group, the B is a great option for beginner and experienced triathletes, alike, providing terrific performance and value.

While B integrates aspects of the iconic B12 and B16 models, it also takes cues from Felt's top-performance IA model, as well as the iconic DA frame kit. In other words, B is based on decades of aerodynamic innovation.

Unlike some tri bikes of today, Felt's B maintains the integrity of a simple design but one that doesn't compromise on performance. The aerodynamically-optimized downtube design and TeXtreme carbon technology make for a top-end bike at an unbeatable price.

B's designed around a carbon frame and fork and the bike weighs in at 20 lbs. It's also equipped with Shimano Ultegra components and the capacity to convert to electronic shifting.

The Felt B triathlon bike starts at $2,299.

Learn more at FeltBicycles.com.

A2 Speed Phreak

A2 Speed Phreak Triathlon Bike Carbon

Priced attractively in the sub $2k range, A2's Speed Phreak is an aggressive tri bike that's widely regarded for its feather-light feel, stable cornering, and snappy acceleration.

Positioned with a low basebar, Speed Phreak is a proper TT bike that's crafted for low aero positions and PR-breaking bike splits. While climbing may feel different with lower basebars, it can also be beneficial for out-of-saddle accelerations and sprints.

Although the bike's low price and direct-to-consumer model make it appear like an entry-level tri bike, Speed Phreak is a top-rate carbon bike that's well equipped for any caliber athlete.

For triathletes looking to invest in their first triathlon bike, but one that holds lasting value and growth, Speed Phreak doesn't hold back on maximizing an athlete's potential. It's also the perfect foundation for performance upgrades and future customization.

Stiff, responsive, and aero, Speed Phreak is an ideal TT bike for short course racing and bike-dominant triathletes.

With several more premium options available, the Ultegra 105 version is priced at $1,899

Scope the Speed Phreak at A2bikes.com

Cervélo P-series

2021 Cervelo P-series TT Triathlon Bike Di2 Chameleon Blue

Dovetailing on Cervélo's widely-acclaimed P2 and P3 time trial bikes is the new P-series, a lighter, stiffer, and more aerodynamic evolution from the prolific bike brand.

The Cervélo P-series triathlon bikes provide an optimal balance between speed and comfort. Athletes can leverage highly-responsive power transfer and receptive handling, all while enjoying smooth, compliant comfort in the saddle over the course of long miles.

Based on a long-standing legacy of the Cervélo P2 and P3, the P-series triathlon bike advances air economy and overall aerodynamics, infusing the long-distance race requirement features available in higher-end models like the P5X.

The extended seat tube cutout, a distinct feature in Cervélo P-series bikes, shields the leading edge of the rear wheel to enhance aerodynamic capabilities. Built around an all-carbon frame, tapered P fork, and seatpost, Cervélo P-series marries performance with an approachable price range.

There are several models available, with the Ultegra 105 entry-level version of the P-series starting at $3,200

Learn more at Cervélo.com

Quintana Roo PRfour

Quintana Roo PRfour Triathlon Bike Entry Level

Quintana Roo is a household name in the triathlon scene. The brand has taken claim in the invention of the first triathlon-specific bike back in 1987.

Of the latest models to reflect QR's pioneering innovation in TT bike technology is the PRseries. With three primary models extending from the PRfour to the PRsix, QR offers a premium tri bike for all levels.

The PRsix offers a high modulous carbon composition, making the frame lighter and stiffer than the PRfour and PRfive. This model can be found in the $4-6k+ range, depending on the build.

As for the entry-level model, the PRfour is a triathlon bike that delivers all-out race performance at the $3k price point. It's stocked with disc brakes, top tube storage, Shimano 105 components, and a spectrum of color options.

In addition to creating beautiful tri bikes, Quintana Roo is well regarded for its customer service and an overall great reputation for quality bikes.

The Quintana Roo PRfour can be found for around $3,000

Learn more from the official site QuintanaRooTri.com

Giant Trinity Advanced

2021 Giant Trinity Triathlon Bike

The Giant Trinity Advanced is an exceptionally high-quality and rigorously-tested triathlon bike that doesn't break the bank. Trinity is the result of Giant's refined aero frame geometry and a wider range of adjustability to allow for a TT-specific fit that can accommodate many different athletes.

Trinity Advanced's contact base bar offers a full range of adjustability, so athletes can dial in the perfect aero position for optimal comfort and performance. It also offers an integrated food storage unit otherwise known as Giant's AeroVault system.

Built with "Advanced-grade composite materials," which is a carbon composite that offers superior stiffness-to-weight ratio, Trinity Advanced doesn't compromise on performance for its entry-level cost.

Trinity Advanced is also engineered around AeroSystem Shaping Technology, which is Giant's way of saying every tube shape is designed to minimize drag and maximize aerodynamics no matter which direction the wind is coming from.

With Shimano 105 components, the Giant Trinity Advanced starts at $2,500

See more specifications and info at Giant-Bicycles.com

Specialized Shiv Sport

Specialized Shiv Sport Triathlon Bike 2021

The Specialized Shiv Sport is one of the best entry-level triathlon bikes for the price. It's also one of the most universal tri bikes that provides an honest fit for a wide range of athletes.

The Shiv Sport is designed around a Control Tower fit system that enables athletes to optimize stack and reach to achieve the most comfortable and powerful position based on their body composition.

Built with the Specialized FACT 10r carbon fiber frame, the Shiv Sport is wind-tunnel tested and aerodynamically optimized for straight-line speed. It also features meticulously engineered airfoils that minimize side force amid heavy crosswinds.

A unique aspect of this Specialized triathlon bike is its Fuselage Hydration System, which is a water bladder designed inside of the frame. Although sold separately, a Fuelcell can be integrated to store nutrition and tools for flat repairs.

Like most Specialized bikes, the thoughtful details in the Shiv Sport lend to a high-performance triathlon bike that doesn't cripple your savings account.

The price for the Specialized Shiv Sport is set at $3,000

Take a closer look at Specialized.com

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Our Favorite Vegan High-Protein Snacks for On-the-Go Travelers

High Protein Vegan Snacking

Ever felt your stomach growl midday, craving a quick bite? You search the kitchen shelves, yet you can't discover something that satisfies your craving for a snack that's tasty, nutritious, and high in protein. But wait... What if I told you there's an exciting world of best vegan high-protein snacks, waiting just for you?

No, this isn’t some dreamy paradise! It’s as real as rain.

From creamy chia pudding bursting with flavor to crunchy roasted chickpeas that offer a spicy kick – these aren't your run-of-the-mill snacks. They're power-packed munchies crafted especially for vegans who need an extra boost during their busy days!

The best part? These scrumptious protein options for vegans not only fill up your tummy but also fuel muscle growth and keep those energy levels soaring.

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Understanding the Power of Vegan High Protein Snacks

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, protein plays an essential role. It helps keep you full and supports bodily functions like muscle growth and hormone synthesis. For vegans who are always on the go, finding high-protein snacks can be challenging.

The best vegan high-protein snacks don't just offer nutritional value; they also come in various forms for your enjoyment. Whether you're into sweet or savory flavors, there's something out there for every taste bud.

Vegan snacks packed with plant-based proteins aren’t just delicious; they're also key to helping our bodies perform at their best throughout the day. Foods rich in protein aid in repairing body tissues, making enzymes and hormones that regulate many bodily functions including muscle growth (source).

The Variety of Vegan High-Protein Snacks

If you think going vegan means giving up on tasty treats that pack a punch when it comes to nutrients, then we have good news. There is a wide range of scrumptious options available - from snack bars bursting with natural sweetness thanks to fruits such as dates or figs all combined perfectly together with crunchy nuts delivering those much-needed proteins – perfect if you need some quick energy boost while traveling.

In addition to bars which can be enjoyed any time anywhere without needing refrigeration – other popular choices include crispy roasted edamame beans sprinkled lightly over salads providing not only crunch but also plenty of additional fiber alongside valuable sources of both vitamins and minerals.

Finding Your Favorite Healthy Vegan Snack

It’s never been easier to get creative with plant-based diets. There are so many ways to add high-protein vegan snacks into your diet, from smoothies enriched with plant-based protein powder and almond milk to homemade tortilla chips made with olive oil and black beans for an extra kick of flavor.

Snack recipes that use white bean cookie dough or wasabi peas provide unique tastes while offering a good dose of protein. Vegan snack ideas such as these allow you to enjoy delicious foods without compromising on your nutritional needs

Delving into Nut Butter-Based Snacks

For a vegan snack that's both delicious and nutrient-rich, nut butter is an excellent choice. Whether it's peanut or almond, these butters are versatile ingredients that can be used to make high-protein snacks like peanut butter protein bars. They're so versatile you can even find peanut butter protein powders that are convenient snack options and loaded with protein.

Making Peanut Butter Protein Bars at Home

For a quick snack that offers substantial nutrition, try making your own peanut butter protein bars - with up to 7 grams of protein per 1-ounce serving from nuts and legumes like peanuts. With up to 7 grams of protein per 1-ounce serving of nuts and legumes like peanuts, these bars offer substantial nutrition.

To get started making your own peanut butter protein bars, all you'll need is some quality nut butter (we recommend natural options without added sugars), oats for fiber and fullness, your favorite plant-based protein powder to boost the nutrient profile even more - vanilla or chocolate work great. You could also add in extras like dried fruit or dark chocolate chips if you want.

Mix everything together until well combined then press into a lined baking dish. Let them chill in the fridge until firm before cutting them into squares – there’s nothing better than having delicious homemade snacks ready whenever hunger strikes.

You might be wondering about other types of nut butters too; how do they stack up? Almond butter has similar benefits as its peanut counterpart while offering slightly more vitamin E and magnesium. It’s just another testament to the nutritional powerhouses that are nuts.

So whether you’re looking for a healthy mid-afternoon bite or something satisfying post-workout – give this recipe a try. These protein bars will not only meet your dietary needs but also please your taste buds. And the best part? You know exactly what's in them because you made them yourself.

Next time you're looking for a vegan snack that can help keep you energized throughout the day, remember: nut butter is an excellent choice. It’s nutritious, delicious and perfect for those on-the-go moments.

Exploring Bean-Based Vegan Snacks

Beans, with their high protein content and versatility, are a game-changer for vegans seeking snack options. Whether it's black bean chocolate balls or simple hummus dip, beans provide ample opportunity to pack your snacks with plant-based proteins.

The Versatility of Chickpeas in Vegan Snacks

A powerhouse among legumes is the humble chickpea. Roasted chickpeas can be changed into crunchy, bite-sized treats that fulfill any salty craving while providing up to 7 grams of protein per portion. This spicy roasted chickpea recipe is sure to kickstart your taste buds and make you fall in love with this versatile legume.

In addition to being a fantastic stand-alone snack, these mighty morsels also star as the main ingredient in an unlikely dessert – fudge.

You read right. Our favorite grainy friend isn't just good for making hummus; it takes center stage in creating indulgent chickpea cookie dough fudge. This sweet treat surprises everyone by hiding healthy ingredients under its delectable guise - what better way to enjoy guilt-free snacking?

Moving beyond chickpeas though, let’s not forget about other deliciously satisfying bean dips that offer between 2-7 grams of protein per quarter cup serving depending on the type of bean used. From black beans to white beans, these protein-packed dips are not only flavorful but also offer a nutritious boost.

Deliciously marrying the decadence of cocoa with the nutritious power of black beans, these black bean chocolate balls are a testament to legumes' versatility. They're not just surprisingly tasty; they also serve as an excellent source of protein for vegans. With such delights in our pantry, it's no wonder that this snack has captured our hearts and taste buds.

The Nutritional Benefits of Chia Seeds in Vegan Snacks

Chia seeds have surged in popularity among health enthusiasts and vegans alike, mainly because they're an excellent source of protein. Chia seeds are a great source of protein for vegans, providing an answer to the common question 'where do you get your protein from?'.

For instance, did you know that chia pudding can provide up to 13 grams of protein per serving? This varies based on the kind of plant-based milk employed. And it's not just about quantity - it's quality too. These tiny powerhouses deliver all nine essential amino acids needed by our bodies but cannot produce themselves.

A Versatile Addition to Your Vegan Pantry

Beyond their high-protein content, chia seeds offer versatility when creating vegan snacks or even full meals. They can be sprinkled over salads for extra crunch or mixed into smoothies for added nutrition without altering flavor significantly.

One favorite recipe amongst many vegans is chocolate chia pudding – imagine enjoying something reminiscent of dessert while still packing in nutrients.

Nourishing Body and Mind with Chia Seeds

In addition to being rich in proteins and fiber which help us feel satiated longer, these mighty little seeds also contain Omega-3 fatty acids known for their heart health benefits. That’s quite impressive coming from such small kernels.

Fascinatingly enough though, this nutritional powerhouse does more than just fuel our physical selves; studies suggest that regular consumption may improve mental well-being as well due to its tryptophan content—a precursor vital for serotonin production.

Chia seeds offer a protein-rich snack that's tasty and versatile. They're the perfect ingredient to take your vegan snacks up a notch, giving you those essential nutrients for overall health. So, instead of reaching for that bag of chips next time, why not whip up some delightful chia snacks?

A Look at Protein-Rich Trail Mixes for Vegans

When it comes to high-protein vegan snacks, trail mixes hold a special place. They're not just delicious but also loaded with protein and other essential nutrients that help keep you energized throughout the day.

The magic of trail mix lies in its versatility. You can toss together nuts, seeds, dried fruits, or even dark chocolate chunks to make your personalized protein-packed snack. Among these ingredients are pumpkin seeds and peanuts which pack up to 7 grams of protein per ounce serving.

But why stop there? To give your trail mix an extra crunch and flavor boost try adding wasabi peas - yes you heard it right. This unique ingredient doesn't only offer a kick of spice but is also rich in proteins.

If you’re on the go or traveling often, having this portable yet nutritious snack handy will make sure your energy levels stay topped off without compromising on taste or nutrition.

Making Your Own Vegan Trail Mix

Preparing homemade trail mix isn’t as daunting as it sounds; in fact, it's quite simple. Start by choosing your favorite raw nuts like almonds or cashews. Next, add some sunflower seeds for additional health benefits along with their nutty taste. Chocolate lovers can include dark chocolate pieces into the mix, making sure they choose vegan options naturally.

Including dried fruit like raisins or cranberries gives sweetness that balances out the salty nuts perfectly while providing fiber content – win-win.

Taking It Up A Notch With Roasted Nuts

If you're a fan of roasted nuts, they can be a great addition to your trail mix. Roasting not only enhances the flavor but also helps preserve their nutritional value for longer periods.

For an extra twist and protein punch, consider adding roasted chickpeas or edamame beans - both are high-protein vegan ingredients that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

And that's the rundown. Now you're all set to dive in and start creating. Let's make things happen.

Embracing Plant-Based Yogurts for Protein Intake

Vegan diets have taken to utilizing plant-based yogurts as a delicious and multipurpose source of protein. Not only do they offer a creamy texture that complements many dishes, but their nutritional benefits are hard to ignore.

Greek yogurt, made from plant-based milk such as almond or soy, can be particularly rich in protein. Depending on your choice of milk base, you could be enjoying between 1 to 7 grams of protein per serving.

Plant-based yogurts come in a variety of options, ranging from nut and oat milk to soy yogurt. Nut and oat milk yogurts typically contain around 1-3 grams of protein per serving – not too shabby if you ask me. But wait till I tell you about soy yogurt... This superstar packs an impressive punch with up to 7 grams of protein per serving.

Finding Your Favorite Vegan Yogurt

You might wonder how one goes about finding their favorite type of vegan yogurt? Well, it's like searching for your perfect pair of jeans - sometimes it takes trying on a few different styles before you find 'the one'.

A little bit tangy and wonderfully thick, Silk's soy-based yogurt is my go-to choice. I love the fact that it offers 7 grams of protein per serving, making me feel energized and ready to tackle my day.

Incorporating Vegan Yogurt into Your Meals

The beauty of plant-based yogurts lies in their versatility. They can easily be incorporated into your meals whether you're having a quick breakfast or preparing an elaborate dinner.

A dollop on top of granola, blended into smoothies, used as a base for creamy salad dressings – the possibilities are endless. You could even make homemade vegan naan to enjoy with your yogurt.

Incorporating High Protein Snacks into Your Meal Prep Routine

Let's talk meal prep, but not just any meal prep. We're talking about packing in those plant-based proteins to make sure you have healthy vegan snacks ready whenever hunger strikes. This is where high-protein vegan snacks come into play.

You might be wondering why it's so important to focus on getting enough protein? Well, here’s a fun fact for you: Protein helps keep us full and supports essential bodily functions like muscle growth and hormone synthesis.

Making the Most of Nut Butter

If peanut butter brings back childhood memories, then get excited because it’s making a comeback - this time as your go-to source for protein-packed treats. Making homemade peanut butter protein bars is an easy way to ensure that your snack cabinet stays stocked with nutritious options. They are simple to whip up and packed with nutrients – delivering around 7 grams of protein per serving.

The Powerhouse: Beans

Beans aren't just musical; they’re also nutritional rockstars. From hummus dips to black bean chocolate balls, these versatile little gems can deliver anywhere from 2-7 grams of protein per serving size. One standout recipe includes creating black bean dip, which can be enjoyed with raw veggies or tortilla chips cooked in olive oil for extra crunchiness.

Pudding That Packs a Punch

Chia seeds aren't just for growing silly green hair on ceramic heads. They're a powerful superfood that can give your protein intake a significant boost. Chocolate chia pudding, made with almond milk and your favorite fruit, can offer up to 13 grams of protein per serving.

The Portable Power-Snack: Trail Mix

If you're looking for an effortless way to locate the perfect portable snack, then your search is over. We've got exactly what you need right here.


Scouring the pantry for a midday snack needn't be an ordeal. You've discovered the best vegan high-protein snacks that can fill you up and fuel your day.

The creamy delight of chia pudding, not only versatile but also loaded with up to 13 grams of protein per serving, is just one revelation. Another? The humble tofu transforms into tasty morsels offering between 4-8 grams of protein per 3-ounce serving.

Don't forget about nut butter treats or plant-based yogurts. Crunchy roasted chickpeas pack three times the protein punch than potato chips while hummus delivers up to seven grams in every scoop!

Your smoothie game too got a power upgrade - thanks to fortification by plant-based powders.

To conclude: these aren’t just snacks; they’re tiny treasure troves brimming with nutrition! So why wait? Your next energy boost is merely a bite away!

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3 Fire Pit Kit Reviews to Inspire Your Backyard Renovation

When it comes to backyard renovation, fire pit kits are an easy way to transform your outdoor living space while adding both functionality and comfort during cooler months. With an outdoor patio fire pit, not only are you adding an essential hardscape feature to your outdoor living, but also the entire landscape comes into play. You want your home garden to be in perfect harmony with your inspiration ideas.

Apart from the design of the fire pit kit, you need to consider the available space in your garden. This will guide you in getting the most suitable one for you. Here's a review of three paver fire pit kit designs that can inspire your outdoor renovation.

Weston Stone Fire Pit Kit

Weston Stone Fire Pit Kit

The Weston Stone fire pit kit is designed from Belgard, a reputable hardscape and landscape products provider. The Weston Stone fire pit kit comes in two different shapes, square and circle.

The components made of paver concrete material, hence durable. The fire pit kits are available in more natural colors that blend well with most landscape features in your home. Bella, Torcana and Victorian colors will most certainly complement your paver or your hardscape look.

The dimensions of the square type is 44" while the round one has an external diameter of 57¼". Both have a fitting metal insert. It's easy to set up and affordable. Only a couple of hours and your fireplace is ready. The pieces are made ready in the factory, ensuring high quality standards are maintained.

The great thing with a outdoor stone kitchens and fireplaces from Belgard is that they last longer than most other styles. In terms of fireplaces and fire pits, they basically give you that much needed warm evening and a comfortable garden as you unwind. The color coordination makes the entire landscape so beautiful, without sharp color contrasts. It adds a modern look and feel to your backyard. The Weston Stone fire pit kit from Belgard comes with a grill giving you the possibility of turning your fireplace into a BBQ in your garden.
  • Highly durable
  • Availability of color variations to choose from
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for outdoor fireplace
  • Square and round shaped fire pit designs provide an option depending on the shape of your garden landscape.
  • Most suitable for medium to large spaces and accommodate many guests.
  • Once installed, it's not possible to move it. To solve this, make sure you've the larger picture of your garden layout at the back of your mind before installing it.

Rivercrest Fire Pit

Preassembled by Unilock, this fire pit kit is made of stylish stone designs. They're available in round and square shapes. It consists of Rivercrest wall blocks and Ledgestone copy layer on outer surface.

Rivercrest Fire Pit Kit

You can choose from a number of stone pavers to suit your inspiration for the kind of hardscape look you desire. The color beautifully matches with your green garden. The rustic modern look is breathtaking and simply makes an enjoyable sight as you gather to recollect old memories while keeping warm.

Rivercrest Fire Pit Unilock

The natural color of Ledgestone coping makes it ideal for use on other landscaping features like pavements, pool edges, and even incorporate in permanent seats around the fire pit. This raises the harmony of your backyard look to an entirely new level. You can easily create a coastal themed beautiful look with Ledgestone lined Rivercrest fire pit. With a grill, you can turn your fireplace into a BBQ.
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • A fitting fireplace grill is available as well.
  • It adds a great aesthetic value to your garden.
  • It's durable.
  • Immovable after installation; plan your landscape well in advance, or position it where you're not likely to add any feature.
  • Space may become a constraint if you expect to seat many people at the fireplace.

Cambridge Olde English Fire Pit

Made from Olde English stone pieces, they come in square and round shapes. The square one comes with 48 pieces of Olde English wall blocks, 12 renaissance caps and a metal insert. It measures 48 inches and 19" high on the outside.

Cambridge Olde English Fire Pit

The round version comes with 52 pieces of the English olde wallstones, a deep metal insert and two cooking grates. It has an external diameter of 48" and height of 16". Sandstone blends and toffee/onyx variations offers a sweet and more natural look perfect match for the walkways and any exterior appearance.

The round version of the fire pit is highly versatile as it can be used for cooking. The grill turns the fire pit into a BBQ right inside your backyard. An optional BBQ and fire pit screen makes it more enjoyable and safer.
Olde English Fire Pit Cambridge Pavers
  • Highly durable and versatile.
  • Screen shield from fire sparks makes the fireplace safer.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Like all paver fire pits, permanent installation makes it impossible to move it around.
The three paver fire pit kits above are useful in adding natural looking hardscape features to your backyard. What's more is that they bring in more aesthetic value and great style to your landscaping works. With growing trend in modern outdoor fireplace designs shifting towards backyard fire pit kits, get inspirational ideas from these paver fire pit designs.

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Best Vegan Protein Powders to Improve Athletic Recovery

When it comes to optimizing athletic recovery and performance, vegan protein powder has become a hot topic for discussion. Well known for offering a number of benefits ranging from higher protein absorption to dense amino acid profiles designed to repair muscles after exertion, vegan protein supplementation is a win for good reason. 

Best Vegan Protein Powders to Improve Athletic Recovery

You just need to make sure that you’re consuming the right types, especially if you’re lifting heavy weights, going long distances, or exerting yourself physically while training or participating in sports.

Using vegan protein powder supplements for athletic recovery is particularly beneficial in runners and endurance athletes who want to recover faster from their training.

Certain types of vegan protein powders provide incredible benefits for athletes and sports enthusiasts seeking to maximize the results from their training. Below we share a few of these types (or characteristics) to look for in the best vegan protein powders to improve athletic recovery, as well as a few of our favorite products. 

Vegan Protein Powders Rich With Amino Acids

Arguably the most important aspect of high-quality vegan protein powders is those that offer rich amino acid profiles. Essentially, amino acids are the building blocks in protein that contribute to muscle repair. Not only do amino acids contribute to muscle growth and repair (particularly essential amino acids [EAA’s] and branch chain amino acids [BCAA’s]), but they also help prevent muscle loss or cannibalization, which is common in endurance athletes.

Vegan Protein Powders Rich With Amino Acids

So if you consider yourself a high-level athlete, one of the most important qualities of a vegan protein powder supplement is ensuring the blend has a solid amino acid profile. A good way to know this is simply whether or not the product actually lists the amino acid contents on the label (as most products do not include these nutritional facts.) Some of the best vegan protein powder supplements are often the “sport” blends and cost slightly more than your average protein powder, but they’re worth it.

Vegan Protein Concentrates vs. Isolates

Another factor to consider when reviewing vegan protein powders is to consider the sources of protein and whether or not they’re concentrating or isolates. Concentrates are ideal in that they are proteins still in their natural form, only concentrated into powder. Isolates, on the other hand, have been introduced to the chemical processes in order to isolate the protein from its true source.

The issue with protein isolates is that these types are stripped of their true nutrient composition and don’t quite offer the same nutritional value as protein concentrates. And while this shouldn’t always be a deal-breaker (as some products will have a combination of vegan protein isolates and protein concentrates,) ideally you’ll want to stick to mostly concentrated proteins when supplementing with protein on a vegan diet.

Glutamine, Digestive Enzymes, Anti-Inflammatories & Other Nutritional Factors

Lastly, it’s important to take into consideration other nutritional variables found in vegan protein powders. When it comes to getting the most from your athletic endeavors, incorporating additional supplementation to fuel recovery and buffer inflammation can be beneficial

For instance, several vegan protein powder supplements on the market also contain digestive enzymes which help the breakdown and absorption of the proteins and amino acids. Some of the sport-centric vegan protein powders are infused with l-glutamine, which can help in muscle repair and growth. Additionally, some products contain concentrated cherry, turmeric, and other anti-inflammatory compounds.

From appetite-suppressing vegan protein powders for weight loss to green coffee bean extracts to increase metabolism, the list goes on as to what to look for in vegan protein powders. Just be sure to do your research and review the best vegan protein powder products thoroughly before spending your hard-earned money on these expensive supplements.

Garden of Life RAW Fit Protein Powder

RAW Fit from Garden of Life is an organic, raw, plant-based protein powder that contains a lot of clean, high-absorption protein sources – all of which are sprouted. It features unique blends for glucose management, probiotics, and enzymes. It also provides a good dose of Vitamin A, D, E, K, and magnesium. 

Garden of Life RAW Fit Protein Powder Review

Garden of Life RAW Fit contains a Raw Certified Organic Weight Loss & Stress Management Blend. Along with these two features is Svetol®, an organic and naturally decaffeinated green coffee bean extract combined with ashwagandha. This blend helps stimulate metabolism and combined with protein, staves-off hunger. For more info, see a full RAW Fit review.

Vega SportProtein Powder

Vega Sport is a simple yet amino-rich mix that contains: pea protein, pumpkin seed protein, organic sunflower seed protein, and alfalfa protein. It has about 5 grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and anti-inflammatory powerhouses tart cherry, bromelain, and turmeric. In terms of branched-chain amino acids, it’s one the highest among vegan protein powders with BCAAs.

Vega Sport Protein Powder Review

Vega Sport Protein powder is one of the most popular performance-centric products on the plant-based market. Designed for athletes looking to optimize post-workout recovery, Vega Sport Protein powder offers one of the highest concentrations of amino acids. In addition to other performance-enhancing ingredients like tart cherry and turmeric, Vega Sport protein has been developed to accelerate muscle repair, reduce recovery time, and get athletes back to their training, sooner. For more info, see the full Vega Sport review.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein

Garden of Life Raw Protein powder is universal for all walks of life. Whether for athletic recovery or a weight loss supplement, it’s equally as versatile as it is healthy. The product’s organic sprouted protein base, gut-friendly probiotics, and digestive enzymes blend make for a superior plant-based protein powder for both athletic recovery and general supplementation. 

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Plant Formula has approximately 4 grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and slightly over 8 grams of essential amino acids (EAAs). These numbers contend with some of the more advanced (and expensive) performance protein powders designed for athletes. So if you’re seeking vegan sport protein powder designed for optimal recovery and even muscle building, Garden of Life Raw Protein fits the bill. For more info, see the full Garden of Life protein review.

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