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3 Fire Pit Kit Reviews to Inspire Your Backyard Renovation

When it comes to backyard renovation, fire pit kits are an easy way to transform your outdoor living space while adding both functionality and comfort during cooler months. With an outdoor patio fire pit, not only are you adding an essential hardscape feature to your outdoor living, but also the entire landscape comes into play. You want your home garden to be in perfect harmony with your inspiration ideas.

Apart from the design of the fire pit kit, you need to consider the available space in your garden. This will guide you in getting the most suitable one for you. Here's a review of three paver fire pit kit designs that can inspire your outdoor renovation.

Weston Stone Fire Pit Kit

Weston Stone Fire Pit Kit

The Weston Stone fire pit kit is designed from Belgard, a reputable hardscape and landscape products provider. The Weston Stone fire pit kit comes in two different shapes, square and circle.

The components made of paver concrete material, hence durable. The fire pit kits are available in more natural colors that blend well with most landscape features in your home. Bella, Torcana and Victorian colors will most certainly complement your paver or your hardscape look.

The dimensions of the square type is 44" while the round one has an external diameter of 57¼". Both have a fitting metal insert. It's easy to set up and affordable. Only a couple of hours and your fireplace is ready. The pieces are made ready in the factory, ensuring high quality standards are maintained.

The great thing with a outdoor stone kitchens and fireplaces from Belgard is that they last longer than most other styles. In terms of fireplaces and fire pits, they basically give you that much needed warm evening and a comfortable garden as you unwind. The color coordination makes the entire landscape so beautiful, without sharp color contrasts. It adds a modern look and feel to your backyard. The Weston Stone fire pit kit from Belgard comes with a grill giving you the possibility of turning your fireplace into a BBQ in your garden.
  • Highly durable
  • Availability of color variations to choose from
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for outdoor fireplace
  • Square and round shaped fire pit designs provide an option depending on the shape of your garden landscape.
  • Most suitable for medium to large spaces and accommodate many guests.
  • Once installed, it's not possible to move it. To solve this, make sure you've the larger picture of your garden layout at the back of your mind before installing it.

Rivercrest Fire Pit

Preassembled by Unilock, this fire pit kit is made of stylish stone designs. They're available in round and square shapes. It consists of Rivercrest wall blocks and Ledgestone copy layer on outer surface.

Rivercrest Fire Pit Kit

You can choose from a number of stone pavers to suit your inspiration for the kind of hardscape look you desire. The color beautifully matches with your green garden. The rustic modern look is breathtaking and simply makes an enjoyable sight as you gather to recollect old memories while keeping warm.

Rivercrest Fire Pit Unilock

The natural color of Ledgestone coping makes it ideal for use on other landscaping features like pavements, pool edges, and even incorporate in permanent seats around the fire pit. This raises the harmony of your backyard look to an entirely new level. You can easily create a coastal themed beautiful look with Ledgestone lined Rivercrest fire pit. With a grill, you can turn your fireplace into a BBQ.
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • A fitting fireplace grill is available as well.
  • It adds a great aesthetic value to your garden.
  • It's durable.
  • Immovable after installation; plan your landscape well in advance, or position it where you're not likely to add any feature.
  • Space may become a constraint if you expect to seat many people at the fireplace.

Cambridge Olde English Fire Pit

Made from Olde English stone pieces, they come in square and round shapes. The square one comes with 48 pieces of Olde English wall blocks, 12 renaissance caps and a metal insert. It measures 48 inches and 19" high on the outside.

Cambridge Olde English Fire Pit

The round version comes with 52 pieces of the English olde wallstones, a deep metal insert and two cooking grates. It has an external diameter of 48" and height of 16". Sandstone blends and toffee/onyx variations offers a sweet and more natural look perfect match for the walkways and any exterior appearance.

The round version of the fire pit is highly versatile as it can be used for cooking. The grill turns the fire pit into a BBQ right inside your backyard. An optional BBQ and fire pit screen makes it more enjoyable and safer.
Olde English Fire Pit Cambridge Pavers
  • Highly durable and versatile.
  • Screen shield from fire sparks makes the fireplace safer.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Like all paver fire pits, permanent installation makes it impossible to move it around.
The three paver fire pit kits above are useful in adding natural looking hardscape features to your backyard. What's more is that they bring in more aesthetic value and great style to your landscaping works. With growing trend in modern outdoor fireplace designs shifting towards backyard fire pit kits, get inspirational ideas from these paver fire pit designs.

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Are Video Transfer Services from Walmart or Walgreens Legit?

When you are considering where to go to transfer your videos from older formats to DVD or digital files, you have options. More time often than not, specialized shops offer a personalized approach with an experienced staff and on-site video transfer services. However, many people look into larger retailers like Walmart and Walgreens for their video transfer needs.

While some of these services seem more convenient, are their capabilities, quality control, and customer service up to par? Let’s take a closer look at what Walmart and Walgreens offer in terms of video transfer services.

Walmart’s Video Transfer Services

You can order online or visit a Walmart location for their video transfer services. Walmart partners with the company YesVideo, which also partners with retailers like Bartell Drugs, Costco, CVS Photo, and Sam’s Club. So Walmart’s video transfers are sent to YesVideo to be processed, and in turn, Walmart is not responsible for the quality of the transfer.

For video transfers, Walmart can accept formats like VHS, S-VHS, Betamax, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, Hi-8, Digital8, 8mm, DV, DVCAM, MiniDV, and DVC formats. Walmart can provide you with a personalized DVD and copies with chapter menus and music video highlights, as well as an account with private online storage and sharing capabilities. However, you can only access your memories through their online application or the DVD you get from them.

At specialized video transfer stores, the company will usually accept all the same video formats as Walmart, as well as the addition of HDV and MicroMV. For instance, one store that provides video transfer in Atlanta is Current Pixel. They also provide a wide array of options when it comes to accessing your content, from personalized DVDs to digital files stored on USBs and CDs. In essence, such specialty providers take a more custom approach to ensuring the finished product is exactly what their customers need.

Walgreens’s Video Transfer Services

Walgreens can accept Betamax, VHS transfers, SVHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, and Micro/Mini videotapes. You can customize your videos online with organizing, labeling, and editing before transferring to DVD or Blu-ray Disc or can have your videos transferred as-is.
You will also have the option to customize a DVD or Blu-ray menu with different chapters and index. You can view, edit, and share your videos online but can only do so free for 30 days. 

Walgreens partners with another major company called iMemories, which partners with other retailers like Best Buy, Kodak, and the UPS Store. So again, while Walgreens offers various options and custom features for video transfer, the level of customer service and communication may be limited given that it’s actually iMemories running the show.

Specialized Video Transfer Services

Though on the surface, Walmart and Walgreens offer similar services as specialized video transfer services, the personalized attention and face-to-face contact at such shops provide you with the best experience possible. In most cases, video transfer services are performed on-site at a local facility (not outsources) Further, the individuals handling the video transfer are experts, many of whom have decades of experience in the business.

Specialized video transfer shops typically do not outsource services to a third party, so you know your memories are safe in the hands of the right people. Even if you ship your videos to a shop, a representative with work with you individually to make sure you are informed of the status of your order every step of the way. 

In addition to video transfer services for DVDs and CDs, most companies provide you with digital files of your memories, so you can save them on your computer, edit, and share them for as long as you want. On the other hand, Walmart and Walgreens only allows you access to digital files of your memories on their applications, possibly for a limited time.

You Have Options

As you have seen, you certainly have options when deciding where to transfer your videos to digital. But when you’re thinking about where to turn, remember specialized, local video transfer services are often more competent, personal, and professional.

Image by Mike Mozart

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Zinc Sunscreen Stick: Best Oxybenzone-free Sunscreen for Sports

With broad-spectrum, oxybenzone-free sunscreen being all the rave, there's no question that everyone needs protection from the sun's UVA and UVB rays. And beyond UV-ray protection, natural, mineral-based sunscreens are especially important for those who have sensitive skin.
Oxybenzone-free Sunscreen

Further, those who favor outdoor sports and spend long hours exposed to sun can greatly benefit from mineral sunscreens because they are naturally broad-spectrum. It's reasons like these that have made zinc sunscreen sticks so popular. Zinc stick sunscreen is mineral-based and broad-spectrum, so it provides reliable protection against the sun's harmful rays.

Whether you're riding bikes or going for runs, having sports sunscreen is crucial. So what's make zinc sunscreen sticks a great option for anyone looking for oxybenzone-free sunscreen? Below we go into greater detail.

Why Use Oxybenzone-free Sunscreen?

To begin, let’s take a look at why we have to protect ourselves from both UVA and UVB. The former stands for ultraviolet A (long-wave rays) and the latter – for ultraviolet B (short-wave rays). Although considered to be less intense than “B”, “A” type is more prevalent. As a matter of fact, UVA is associated with almost 95% of ultraviolet radiation, reaching the surface of our planed!
Zinc Oxybenzone-free Sunscreen Stick

UVA was believed to be among the most influential factors for skin aging. However, recent studies have indicated a correlation between UVA exposure and keratinocytes skin cells damage. This may lead to a skin cancer and other issues with skin. And just as UVB rays, these rays are responsible for sunburns and skin reddening. As the word is, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The issue with chemical sunscreens that contain ingredients like oxybenzone is that they're typically not 100% broad-spectrum, or fail to protect against UVA and UVB rays. This is why it's best to aim for mineral sunscreens that contain active ingredients like zinc, which are naturally broad-spectrum and provide reliable protection against UVA and UVB rays. For more insight, explore your options for oxybenzone-free sunscreen.

Why Opt for Zinc Sunscreen Sticks?

Luckily, protecting your skin from the sun is a finger-five exercise these days. The market is saturated with all kinds of sunscreen products in various capacities. Liquid, spray, cream – just make your choice! Mineral zinc oxide sunscreen sticks are relatively new, but they have already earned the loyalty of many individuals.  

Easy-to-carry and easy-to-use, zinc sunscreen sticks have made it into many bags and pockets, being also less messy, than some of its industry peers. It's an ideal choice for athletes, particularly those who are swimmers, runners, or cyclists. This is why zinc sunscreen sticks have become highly popular in the triathlon community as well as the ultra-distance cycling community like the gravel bike scene.

Without a doubt, these characteristics are highly important for people pursuing an active lifestyle. No wonder many manufacturers have already picked up the trend and released their versions of a handy aid.

A Closer Look at Zinc Stick Sunscreen

Apart from what we already know about sunscreen sticks (no-mess and trouble-free application), there are a couple of other assets to take a look at. They vary from brand to brand, but do quite a good job at all times. For instance, front-rank sunblock sticks are usually mineral-based, and they stay on the skin without getting absorbed much. As opposed to chemical substances, frequently used in various beauty products, this one treats sensitive skin gently and does not cause acne or irritation.

If the utmost care is exactly what your skin demands, you can be also looking at baby products. Yes, don’t be surprised, as it happens some of them have a truly outstanding protective ability, marked SPF 50+! Just as other decent sunscreens, these ones are hypoallergenic and naturally-sourced, which makes them a smart pick for a delicate skin.

Today both fashion and beauty would not let us compromise a sheer look even during exercise. For this purpose, you can find a stick, which is not only one of the best triathlon sunscreen, but a reef-safe foundation. Those come in a range of shades to choose from, so creating a sheer look is easy like never before. It is also water- and perspiration-resistant, so some jogging or beach games won’t be unacceptable.
Zinc Stick Sunscreen

If you have big plans for the beach, especially going swimming, there is an array of zinc sunscreen sticks knocking it out of the park with their superior water-resistance performance. Some of these products may have some tint to the sunscreen, however, they demonstrate exceptional delicacy and care for those with sensitive skin. Moreover, new generation zinc stick sunscreen can not only cope with extreme weather conditions, but it can be also applied… under the water, literally!

Dermatologist-recommended zinc sunscreen sticks are available in a couple of incarnations, which are comfortable to apply and to carry around. For example, if you want it to fit into your jumpsuit pocket, you can easily go for the SPF 50 Zinc Sunscreen Stick from SolRx. This zinc stick sunscreen is mineral-based, unpretentious, gentle and powerful, just the way it should be with the modern sunblock.

Actually, SolRx sunscreen sticks can go even further, shrinking to the size of lip balm, as every inch of our body needs to be protected properly. When choosing the most suitable option, make sure you have enough sunscreen with due regard to the length of your trip.

Naturally oxybenzone-free, zinc sunscreen sticks cover it all. To summarize, these sunscreen products are
  • naturally broad-spectrum
  • mineral-based
  • delicate for sensitive skin
  • water-resistant
  • perspiration-resistant
  • giving you shades options, in case you need that
  • compact and easy to apply
And what’s even more important, they make it to the list of top summer necessities by protecting your skin effectively. Do have any favorite oxybenzone-free sunscreens or zinc sunscreen sticks? Let us know in the comments below!

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Divot Repair Tool Review: The Mark Mender

The Mark Mender Divot Repair ToolAll the golfers around the world need the proper equipment and gear to enhance their experience on the course. One of the most overlooked yet important tools in retaining the quality of the greens is a divot repair tool.

Divots are small craters formed in the greens when golf balls strike the surface. A divot repair tool is used to fix divots, providing a flat surface for putting as well as restoring the composition of the green itself. There are two primary types of divot repair tools available. One of the most popular yet basic tools consists of a sharp, dual-pointed prong device. The other style consists of two dual-pointed prongs that are spring loaded for easy divot repairs.

The latter is the most advanced, yet less common. One product that's making this more advanced and effective divot repair tool more accessible is the Mark Mender. As featured on the Golf Channel, the Mark Mender is earned a reputation as the best divot repair tool on the market.

The Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool

One of the most efficient divot repair tools in the market is the Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool. It has a number of benefits and improvised features as compared to the rest of the divot repair tools which will make it the most prioritized equipment in the golf world.

Let us discuss the primary features and benefits of the Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool.
  • The Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool has the potential to fix the golf green's surface within minutes of use of the equipment. While other repair tools will take around weeks to fix the ground, the Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool will make the course look new as ever, just like it was the previous day.
  • It is really easy to use. With the wrong equipment and technique, people tend to drag off the grass from its roots and it damages the course. The Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool is easy to use and with its quick grip, it is really easy to push back the grass to make it new again.
  • Being extremely affordable, you need not find any other equipment to repair the divots effectively.
  • It keeps the grass intact and green. While many potential divot repair tools may save the grass, they can change the color of the grass. The Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool keeps the grass safe as well as green.
  • While other divots repairing tools fix the ball marks without damaging the grass, they might take up more time. The Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool fixes the divots along with fixing the grass only within a few minutes.

One of the Best Divot Repair Tools

You can't misuse the Mark Mender divot repair tool. This ball mark repair tool makes it easy to restore divots in a quick and easy manner.

The Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool is definitely one of the most efficient divots repairing tools and aces among others to effectively repair ball marks on the golf course without causing any harm to the grass.
Custom Divot Repair Tool
The Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool is also customizable. See
options for custom divot repair tools from Mark Mender.
A good divot repair tool, like the Mark Mender, efficiently repairs turf back into shape. There is a particular way to do it, but with the Mark Mender, the technique is made easy and seamless. Because some people do not follow the right technique and the right kind of divot repair tool, this damages the grass from its roots and the greens can takes weeks to recover and come back to shape. Using the right divot repair tool, such as the Mark Mender, will help to ensure optimal quality of the greens on the golf course.

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Buying Portable Truck Scales: Wheel Weighers vs. Axle Scales

In the current digital world, we all want to have everything portable to enhance on usability. Among the technology that has been designed for optimal versatility and mobility, portable truck scales have seen some of the most progressive gains in weighing systems.
Buying Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales have been existence for quite some time and they've been used for various applications, including construction, mining, farming, and other operations involving the constant movement of weighing sites. The two most commonly known types of portable truck scales include wheel weighers and axle scales. These two types of scales are different in terms of both design and performance

For Versatility, Durability, & Efficiency

Wheel weighers are constructed wholly with aluminum while axle scales are either made of aluminum or steel. This feature axle scales to be effectively used for extremely heavy-duty jobs. Wheel weighers are made in such a way that is easy to set them up or take them down quickly, focusing on the ease of usability and portability. Nonetheless, wheel weighers can still withstand several tons.
Wheel Weigher
Shown here is a standard wheel weigher pad from Walz Scale

Axle scales use a multi-axle scale system no there is less work to calibrate the system, as each weighing pad on the axle scale can be adjusted simply depending on the weight in question. Moreover, axle scales have an overload protection with a smooth top plate, which prevents them from damage especially when weighing the overly loaded trucks.

Wheel weighers are advanced weighing systems fitted with ultra-sensitive load cells. These enable them therefore to provide accurate weight readings and hence more accuracy in measuring the weights of vehicles. On the other hand, axle scales are fitted with both heavy duty and high capacity axle weigh scale that makes them more accurate and effective hence more useful and accurate in weight measurements.

For Flexibility, Design, & Ease of Use

Wheel weighers are mostly available in a package of portable weighing pads, wires and terminals which makes them easy to carry. Their portability is further enhanced by the fact that they tend to occupy less space when carried in most cases at the back of a car. This feature therefore allows for efficiency in its use since movement is not restricted to its size.

Axle Scales
Axle scales have a slightly more robust and durable design.
On the other hand, axle scales are available in different lengths, and capacities suitable for weighing different vehicles sizes from the single to the various axles. For instance, the portable axle scales from offer a wealth of features and capacities. This feature is what has made them to be more preferred by many when it comes to using them in areas and locations where it is impossible to fit large scale permanent installations.

In conclusion therefore, in case you are considering buying wheel weighers, I would recommend that you consider these portable wheel weighers which are not only easy to use but also cost effective since they can be used for various industrial applications at any time and location unlike the large permanent installations. Moreover, they have an added advantage as they can also record the vehicle weight irrespective of its axle number, speed and time, a feature enhanced by the fitted LCDs that enables printing and storage of data.

Learn more about these various types portable truck scales, and more weighing systems, at

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German Bliss Announces New Division for Woods Equipment Parts

German Bliss recently debuted their new Woods Equipment parts division. This announcement came after investing in the online sale of Woods parts which proved to be a profitable investment by the company as the progress was seen in the increased production of these Woods parts. The new Woods parts division included a wide selection of Woods equipment from their online website for all their customers.

Woods Equipment Parts Division

German Bliss Woods Equipment Parts Division
German Bliss set a new pace in the sales of Woods parts in the online market. The company has already managed to stand out among the leading sellers of Woods parts in Google organic search and other mediums. They also managed to offer timely delivery for their goods as expressed by them in their website that time is paramount.

German Bliss featured two categories of the new Woods parts division. This included Woods mowers/rotary cutter parts and Woods landscape equipment parts. In their online sales website, customers can leverage one of the greatest selections which are hard to find in the common malls in the uptown streets could be easily found.

Under the Woods mowers and rotary cutters category, the categories include:
  • Woods Batwing rotary cutter parts
  • Woods commercial walk behind mower parts
  • Woods ditch bank mower parts
  • Woods finish mower parts (for both the front and rear mounts)
  • Woods rear mount mower parts
  • Woods rotary cutter parts (for both the under mount and mid mount)
  • Woods spindle cutter parts
  • Woods rotary cutter parts
For the Woods landscape equipment, the new parts include:
  • Woods backhoe parts
  • Woods box blade parts
  • Woods scraper parts
  • Woods flail parts
  • Woods power rake parts
  • Woods quick hitch parts
  • Woods rear blade parts
  • Woods flail shredder parts
To see more Woods Equipment parts, visit

More About German Bliss

More About German BlissGerman Bliss-Equipment, founded in 1940, managed to grow from its headquarters in Central Illinois for equipment like tractors, excavators, lawn mowers and other vehicles to now operating an online parts websites that offers a wide range of replacement parts for many name brand manufacturers. The new Woods parts division is a major boon to this division, helping the company to grow by leaps and bounds.

Having started with Befco and Bush Hog parts for some of the world's famous mowers, and eventually introducing more brands for Bradco and Sweepster parts, German Bliss has stood out as the most trusted online dealers for quality parts and timely delivery. Further, the company offers some of the most affordable and reasonable prices on the web.

German Bliss for over the past seventy four years was found to be indeed the safest online shop for its clients. They were also found to be very diligent as they have expressed in their website page, in ensuring that their customers get all their products from their online shop and in the case where a certain parts is missing, German Bliss was found to contact its communication network for further replacement of finished orders within one business day. It is this special feature that was observed to have seen German Bliss through the years they have been successful.

Top 3 Most Dependable Pallet Truck Scales in Review

For any warehouse handler, logistics operation, or supply chain management company, the weighing of pallets is an important aspect to day to day processes. This where the utilization of pallet truck scales come into play. To shed light on which product offer the greatest durability and dependability, below are three of the best pallet truck scales currently leading the market.

BTA 231 Pallet Truck Scale

This is currently one of the best pallet truck scales on the market. It combines an aspect of comfort, mobility and technologically up-to-date in its design. The BTA 231 Pallet Truck Scale has a very user-friendly, technologically advanced user interface.
BTA 231 Pallet Truck Scale

The weighing display is very friendly with a highly visible keyboard with well-defined letters encrypted. This makes it very easy to type instructions to the scale. The display on the other hand is also very beautifully designed with an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display for effectiveness in display.

In addition to this, the display has an adjustable background light that assists in viewership depending on different levels of brightness. The 231 Pallet Truck Scale also has a durable battery with very long battery life. The handles of this BTA 231 Pallet Truck Scale are also well-shaped and ergonomically designed to ease the lifting, weighing and movement.

Moreover, the steering is simplified due to the 360-degrees rotation. Luckily, the Pallet Truck Scale has also put safety measures to ensure safety of goods under transit. This, undoubtedly is a good pallet truck scale that ensures effectiveness and safety with simplicity and user friendliness.

For more information on this particular weighing systems, head over to

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Scale

The stainless steel pallet truck scale from Walz Scale is no doubt one of the most dependable on the market considering its unique features and being made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is appreciated for its great strength and durability in such industrial applications. This greatly reduces the wear and tear effect given the nature of its job.

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Scale
As one of most advanced pallet truck scales for sale is digitized with state of the art LED display and a properly calibrated keyboard. The truck scale also applies digital filtering thereby compensating for the effect of vibration and motion. Further, the pallet scale saves the user the hustle of calibrating as they arrive pre-calibrated.

For more information on this particular pallet truck scale, visit

TMES Pallet Truck Scale 
TMES Pallet Truck Scale

The TMES Pallet Truck Scale stands out due to its highly effective dual filtered and leak-proof hydraulics system. It is a complete hydraulics system with a bullet connection between the front steering shaft and the back pump piston. This hydraulics feature greatly improves the ease of movement since the driving force is not wholly dependent on the human effort.

In addition, the TMES Pallet Truck Scale has a 180-degrees rotatory effect. The pallet scale is also properly greased increasing durability and effectiveness. The handle is also plastic coated for comfort and ease of handling. This is also another great pallet truck scale with durability and effectiveness.

For more information on this particular product, refer to

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Top 3 Sports Sunscreens in Review

If you are going to spend a lot of time playing outdoors, you need to wear sports sunscreen, which keeps your skin protected by absorbing or reflecting the sun’s rays. Some of the best sport sunscreen producers now offer athletic focused formulas for all types of athletes, and many of these products tend to be drier than general use products so as not to mess up your grip on say, your paddle.

The best sports sunscreen options are water resistant for hours, offer a broad spectrum (both UVA and UVB) coverage, and have a SPF rating of at least 30 to best ward-off the sun's harmful rays.

Here are the best sports sunscreens on the market:

1. SolRx SPF 44 Dry Zinc Sunscreen Stick

If you need sport sunscreen for very intense sun exposure, then SolRx offers broad spectrum UV protection thanks to its zinc oxide sunscreen sticks. Zinc oxide that absorbs primarily UVA radiation rather than reflecting it. While other sports sunscreens need to be absorbed into the skin before they start working, SolRx SPF 44 Dry Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Stick absorbs the rays by sitting on our skin directly to block out the sun.
SolRx Sports Zinc Sunscreen Stick

Originally designed for swimmers, surfers and triathletes, this dry zinc sunscreen stick does not wash off in water for up to 80 minutes, making it a great choice for extended time in the water. The premium sport sunscreen from SolRx is oil free and non-greasy as it was specifically engineered for athletes to be put on clear with a matte finish so you don’t have to worry about paleness. For more information, check out this SolRx review.

2. CeraVe Sunscreen

With zinc oxide as its primary active ingredient (making it a great sport sunscreen for triathletes), the CeraVe SPF 50 sunscreen lotion offers active broad spectrum protection to keep your skin free from the hazards of both UVA and UVB radiation. It melds into the skin naturally when applied over both dry and wet skin.
CeraVe Sports Sunscreen

This 50 SPF sunscreen product from CeraVe has been proven to work well on all skin types and offers 80 minutes of water resistance, so you do not have to worry about sweat washing the sunscreen into your eyes during intense exercise. Lie with all zinc oxide sunscreens, CeraVe is free from oils and parabens, making it perfect for anyone with skin issues.

3. Badger SPF 35 Sport Sunscreen

This is a natural zinc oxide product specifically formulated for surfing and other water based performance sports. It is a thick moisturizing cream thanks to the inclusion to sunflower oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax in its formulation and it is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

The powdered mineral sits on top of the skin as opposed to melding into it, scattering both UVA and UVB light. As such, Badger SPF 35 Sunscreen leaves a whitish cast after drying. It is free from paraben and other harmful substances so the skin wont react in any negative way o you can be sure of safe, long lasting protection.
Badger SPF 35 Sport Sunscreen

Tennis players, runners, swimmers, golfers and baseball players have more than one thing in common. They love playing sports, and while they are at it, they also spend a lot of time outside exposed to the sun. While this exposure can result in a killer tan, getting too much sun can be risky. UVA and UVB rays can cause progressive skin damage that leads to cancer.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Beyond Glory: An Inspiring Story Adapted to the Big Screen

Great books that chronicle the lives of war veterans often have a special place in the hearts of Americans. Larry Smith’s book Beyond Glory is one of those incredible stories that's not only an honest and true depiction of war, but is a book that's earning critical attention based on other creative renditions in the form of a playwright, and most recently, a film.
Stephen Lang's Beyond Glory

Before being adapted into a film, the play Beyond Glory was brought to stage by Stephen Lang in 2004. The one-man-show was so successful that Lang decided to bring it to the big screen. Together with independent film product company, 8180 Films, Stephen Lang later brought Beyond Glory to the big screen. With the recruitment war veteran-supporter and famous actor Gary Sinise as narrator, Beyond Glory the film has struck a chord with many viewers across the country.

Learn more about Beyond Glory the film below, or visit for the most recent and up-to-date news and showings of the film.

Taking a Close Look at Beyond Glory the Film

The film is directed by none other than Larry Brand (of 8180 Films) and was written by Lang who plays the major role in the film. The film's producers include Rebecca Reynolds, James Carpenter, Noah Lang, and Ross Satterwhite. The film presents the audience with a creative blending of theater and cinema. It is a valuable testimonial of what the life of soldiers was like during World War II, Korea and Vietnam wars.

Beyond Glory the FilmStephen Lang's Beyond Glory follows the lives of eight Medal of Honor recipients. By bringing it to the big screen, Lang hopes to immortalize the lives of such war veterans and pass their stories over to future generations in the country.

Lang is the talent behind Beyond Glory. The actor is best known for his role in Avatar and a handful of other films. In this film, Lang uses his talent to portray the lives of eight soldiers from different ethnicities. It is not so easy to be able to portray the lives of eight different characters in their uniqueness. Lang manages to do so and brings these soldiers to life in front of the audience.

The film is not much about war as it is the story of human dignity and survival. Although very different, the eight soldiers are brought together by their commitment and dedication to a common cause. It is a tale of survival. Even if these soldiers were severely wounded in the wars, they came out of the war mentally intact.

Each war hero profiled in the film was given the Medal of Honor award. As he was exploring their lives, Larry Smith was amazed to discover that they were from different ethnic origins. The writer’s job as a journalist gives the book ( and its theatrical and cinematic adaptations) a realistic aspect.

The independent film Beyond Glory gives an unbiased account of the lives of these soldiers, with special emphasis on what binds them together, namely a honest dedication to preserve the country. The ability to transgress cultural and ethnic boundaries under a common purpose is what makes the film particularly appealing.

The film joins two great actors Stephen Lang and Gary Sinise. Lang admits that Sinise’s voice is a perfect match for the film and his background in military service makes him especially suitable for the theme of the film. On his part, Sinise expressed his delight in narrating the lives of America’s greatest heroes. The film is already screening in many parts of the world and is receiving a lot of critical attention.

Monday, June 27, 2016

3 Unique Vintage-Style Cycling Jerseys from stands out as a preeminent cycling clothing company that specializes in premium cycling jerseys in the classic-vintage niche. What separates from the pack is the company's exclusive selection of original cycling jersey designs for both genders. Some of the different collections of cycling jerseys at embody historic cycling races, cultural icons, modern and earthy designs, and other alluring graphic illustrations.

The range of products is vast at as shoppers can explore classic cycling jerseys that feature memorable races and social movements to unique designs that hold astronomical and earthy undertones. What has done is take fashionable cycling jerseys and clothing to the next level by providing an extensive line of original products for all walks of life.

1952 Cataluna Men's Short Sleeve Jersey

This is a uniquely-designed and classic-style cycling jersey from that has a stylish appearance that captures one of the most remarkable cycling races in history. Inspired by the official race poster for the year 1952 Vuelta Cataluna, the jersey perfectly encapsulates the excitement, power, and speed of this international race.
1952 Cataluna Men's Short Sleeve Jersey

The 1952 Cataluna Jersey is a men’s short sleeve cycling jersey well-tailored with the aid of high-quality, ultra-soft euro material so that it provides a maximum comfort during a ride. In addition to this original, vintage design, the cycling jersey is creatively crafted with silicone gripper band at the bottom. This helps to keep the jersey in position while you are riding. More also, the jersey has three rear pockets to boost in copious storage.

1965 Ciclo Cross Men's Short Sleeve Jersey

As one of the most unique vintage-style cycling jerseys at, this design holds the memories of the World Ciclo-Cross Championship held in Italy, in the year 1965. These races were usually done on a rough terrain that called for the need of the riders to dismount and carry their bikes while they surmount the obstacles. As one of the most popular and unique cycling jerseys for men, the 1965 Ciclo Cross Jersey is both unique and cool.
1965 Ciclo Cross Men's Short Sleeve Jersey

This jersey is properly crafted from the smooth euro-mesh fabric to offer maximum comfort to the riders. Not only is this but it also made of 30+ SPF UV protection. Has an elegant YKK zipper that features as one of the most reliable in the world. A silicon gripper band provides support to the rear part of the jersey to ensure that it’s in position when you ride, and it also features three rear pockets on the underside.

1935 World Championships Men's Short Sleeve Jersey

This 1935 World Championships Jersey is an elegantly designed cycling jersey by Crafted using ultra-soft mesh fabric that has air-through mesh panels on the sides in order to offer a complete comfort and maximum stretch as well as improve breathability. This exceptional jersey comes with an amazing quick –dry technology. Like the other jerseys in the lineup, it comes with a silicone gripper band that mainly ensures the jersey stays in position while on the ride.
1935 World Championships Men's Short Sleeve Jersey

In addition, the jersey is further designed with three pockets and colors that won’t fade ever after washing. The 1935 World Championships Jersey is classic and unique since the retro image apparel provides brighter sublimated graphics and a soft, rapid-wicking high-quality Euro mesh fabric.

If you purchase a cycling jersey from, you can rest assured knowing that you'll get a product that has a creative design and unique style. Not only do you receive this, but you'll also get a warranty of six months that protects you against any imperfections of a workmanship and material upon delivery. Between the creative products and incredible support, there's more reasons than one to shop for unique vintage cycling jerseys.

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Top 3 Banking Equipment Suppliers for Comprehensive Products & Services

In the current commercial landscape, there are plenty of companies across the world that play a role in supplying security systems and and banking equipment for today's financial institutions.
Banking Equipment Security Suppliers

However, there are only a few companies that provide a comprehensive selection of quality products and services, such as bank vault design and vault doors, ATM security systems, audio visual systems, safe deposit boxes, undercounter cabinetry, and other specialized bank security systems. Hiring a company to handle these types of solutions is a tough task, so bank executives are very careful when choosing a company to partner with when choosing to invest in bank equipment and security systems.

Sensitivity is a massive factor in any bank; it is important to choose a reputable company that provides quality and top seed services, so here is a list of the top three trusted suppliers of security system products and related banking equipment.

Seico Security

When it comes to banking equipment and security systems, Seico Security is a leading company that has been providing many different types of banking security products and equipment’s for various financial institutions. Seico Security is unique in a way where they are a company that can not only strategize a design but also construct and engineer the broad plan for their security systems that was accepted according to the banks financial specifications and ability.

This dependable security systems company prides itself on providing a custom designed security systems to meet your needs. Such financial institution needs include banking security equipment, communication systems, and security systems. What makes them amazing is that on top off their quality services, they are also known worldwide for providing it at an affordable price.

Seico Security is a bank's ultimate source of all their bank equipment and security systems, just to mention a few are night safes, video systems, vaults, entrance control systems and drive-up. If you are looking towards an affordable yet dependable service for bank equipment and security systems, then Seico Security is your best choice.

FireKing Security Group

FireKing Security Group is very popular for the manufacture of security, safety and a various type of asset protection products meant for both commercial and retail. FireKing has been around for a long time and have gained an impressive increase on credibility when it comes to bank equipment and security systems.

FireKing Security Group offers a wide range of security systems and bank equipment including cabinets, storage and impact fire-resistant cabinets. FireKing highly prides itself on offering the best high-end video security systems such as digital recorders, cameras and top notch accessories.


IoSafe is famously known for the manufacture if disaster-proof devices, digital safes and bank vaults. The company is also known for providing secure storage and super high tech security equipment that can sustain various natural disasters such as fire, earthquakes and floods.

Due to its good name, IoSafe is one of the most trusted companies offering security and bank equipment’s such as vaults and surveillance systems. IoSafe has been in the market for as good as twenty-five years and more.

What IoSafe offers is the key experience and expertise needed to create quality products and serve all types of requirements for any financial institutions. Their specialty lies within safety deposit boxes, under-the-counter safe, and also bank vaults.